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“My feeling was simply,
there’s a solution.
I can get on with my life.”

Rob, NL

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Your choices matter

What if using a catheter was only as challenging as taking a shower or brushing your teeth? It can be – if you insist on less.

Because with less friction*, there’s less risk of harming your urethra* and so less worry about UTIs*.

All SpeediCath catheters feature Triple Action Coating Technology™, ensuring it stays hydrated so insertion and withdrawal are always smooth and gentle.

So, if life hands you a catheter, insist on less – because your choices matter.

*Compared to uncoated catheters.

“Thanks to SpeediCath Compact Eve, I can take part more actively in my social life. I’d say it has turned my life around. I just go to the bathroom like everybody else.”

Lisa, DE

“In the beginning it was difficult, but now I have fewer bladder infections, and I can go to the toilet 5 times a day in a normal manner.”

Rob, NL

Why Triple Action Coating Technology™

Stays bonded for an even coating without dry spots

Stays smooth reducing friction on the urethra

Stays hydrated which makes it instantly ready to use

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Only SpeediCath® has Triple Action Coating Technology™

If you use a catheter, you can expect to use it 4–6 times a day on average*. So it makes good sense to use a catheter that’s reliably smooth and gentle on every insertion and withdrawal.

That’s why all SpeediCath catheters feature Triple Action Coating Technology™ for less friction*, less risk of harming your urethra* and less worry about UTIs.*

*Compared to uncoated catheters.
**Calculation based on EAUN Guidelines, recommending an adult patient should catheterise 4–6 times a day. If an
adult catheterises 5 times a day for 365 days, it will add up to approximately 1,825 catheterisations a year.

SpeediCath® Female

1. SpeediCath® Compact Female Eve
A discreet compact catheter for women with one-step opening and secure reclosing. Its triangular shape makes it easy to grip.

2. SpeediCath® Compact Female
A discreet, easy-to-use catheter for women. It is designed for the anatomy of the female body.

3. SpeediCath® Compact Set Female
Simple and intuitive to use home or away, it is the first compact, discreet catheter with an
integrated bag.

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SpeediCath® Male

4. SpeediCath® Flex
A soft catheter with a dry-sleeve and flexible tip, enables gentle, no-touch guidance through the male urethra.

5. SpeediCath® Flex Set
An all-in-one solution for men that is gentle, hygienic and easy to use, home or away.

6. SpeediCath® Compact Male
A discreet, ready-to-use catheter with an award winning design.